River Avon Productions houses some of North America’s most outstanding creative musical talent, and was established to provide music for a wide array of musical genres and styles. Formed in the fall of 2016, the company is named after the Avon River – a body of water that runs through Christchurch, New Zealand, which is the home of the founder, David N. Childs.

If you or your organization require original music for concert performance or a media project, River Avon Productions is perfect for you.

What Type Of Commercial Music Does River Avon Productions Provide?

Our company provides music for all manner of commercial media and in virtually any musical style, from Baroque keyboard music to folk, synthesized music, and pop. River Avon Productions can accommodate all your music media needs. For specific examples of music media, visit the River Avon Productions page.

  • Film Scores (Short, Feature, or Documentaries)
  • Radio Commercials
  • Video Game Music
  • Web Advertising
  • Vevo Music Videos
  • Online Newspapers (video advertisements)
  • Theatrical Trailer Music
  • Corporate Videos (promotional/instructional etc.)
  • Infomercials and Bumpers
  • Jingles

How Does The Contract Process Work?

  1. Contact River Avon Productions with a general enquiry, briefly describing the project.
  2. A free Consultation will be arranged either in person (within 25 miles of downtown Dallas), or by phone/video conferencing (elsewhere in the US and world).
  3. A Business Contract will then be drawn up, and if the terms are acceptable to all parties, it will be signed. A retainer is to be provided by Client (typically 50%). Details of the contract are to include style, duration, complexity, instrumentation, timeframe and completion date, time for editing, and final production.