River Avon Productions was established David N. Childs by David Childs in 2016 to showcase his music, which spans a wide array of musical genres and styles. The company is named after the Avon River – a body of water that runs through Christchurch, which is his home town. David believes that music has the power to transform lives for the better, and his life-long goal is to compose meaningful and engaging music for various genres.

In addition to a hectic composing schedule, David is President and Artistic Director of Vox Humana. Vox is a professional choir of 24 singers drawn from all over the country ( Additionally, he serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor of Music Education at the University of North Texas, and as Adjunct Associate Professor at North Lake College.

David received a Bachelor’s degree in music from Canterbury University, Christchurch, New Zealand; an MM degree in orchestral and choral conducting from the Florida State University, Tallahassee; and a DMA degree (also in orchestral and choral conducting), from Louisiana State University. Following his graduate studies at LSU, he then served as a tenured Associate Professor of Choral Studies at Vanderbilt University from 2001- 2011.

David has conducted numerous All-State college, professional, community and honor choirs across the United States, New Zealand, and Japan. His compositions are frequently performed in all corners of the world, and he is kept busy as a commissioned composer. He conducted a world premiere of his Requiem Mass for chorus, soloists, and chamber orchestra, in June 2009, for which received a standing ovation in Carnegie Hall. Two years later, in March of 2011 he premiered his new work Festival Te Deum for choir, orchestra and soloists, also in Carnegie Hall. And in March of 2017, he debuted a third work of his in Carnegie Hall, followed by a subsequent work in March of 2018. He will conduct a new work of his at Carnegie in 2020.

Native American music has been an interest of his, and in July 2020, he will present a seminar on music from the Southern Plains tribes with Dr. Tracey Gregg-Boothby at the World Symposium on Choral Music. The symposium will be held in Auckland, New Zealand. His professional choir, Vox Humana, will also perform at the symposium before embarking on a choir tour on both the North and South Islands.

River Avon Productions is focused on furthering his creative compositional career, especially in the areas of Choral Music, Film, Audio Gaming. David is married to Lesley French Childs, an Associate Professor of Laryngology at the UTSW Medical Center, Dallas, Texas. They have two beautiful daughters, Emma and Aubrey.