River Avon Productions

River Avon Productions was formed in 2016 by David N. Childs, a well-established composer, conductor, and educator with an international reputation. In addition to the continuation of composing choral works, David is expanding into the vast – and varied – world of commercial music. David is a creative composer who is fluent in most styles of music, ranging from solo instruments, choirs, large instrumental ensembles, electronic, popular, and music for gaming and screen.

Commercial music composition is extremely broad in breadth, competitive in nature, and incredibly interesting. It allows composers all manner of creative expression using traditional elements such as analog, or digitized sounds. River Avon Productions, based in Dallas, will provide your organization with music of the highest quality. The home-based studio is designed to record, compose, edit, mix and master the final product. If you (or your company) are new to the business of commercial music, certain procedural steps are required before any contract can be signed. The following may be helpful to you.

  • The Enquiry and Consultation


This initial phase requires both parties (River Avon Productions and the Client) to meet in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing. River Avon Productions is an international company that can operate in most countries. During the consultation, the needs of the Client will be determined. What type of sound product is the Client seeking? What duration, mood, genre, style and/or feeling? What will be the function of the music (background, gaming etc.)? Who is the target audience? What are the Client’s goals and objectives? What is the timeframe?

Following the consultation, a project fee will be presented to the Client, and if both parties agree and wish to move forward, a contract will be drawn up, signed, and a 50% retainer paid to River Avon Productions.

production microphone close up

It is at the end of this first step that a project fee will established, and if both parties are in agreement and wish to move forward, a contract will be drawn up, signed, and a retainer paid to RAP.


  • Exploratory: The 3-Rs (Reading, Research and Reference)



Once the contract has been signed and a timeline established, the creative work can begin. The 3Rs – or Exploratory Phase – are critical to the success of the project. For example, if River Avon Productions were contracted to write an advertisement for your company, say, S-Cargo Freight (“often slow but never late!”), we would investigate previous ads of yours to gain a sense of style, appropriateness, and what you are envisioning. Catch-phrases, keywords, and the exact nature of your business are major factors in designing the sound bite, and these will be given careful consideration during the creative phase.


  • Production



During the production phase River Avon Productions will merge the musical composition with any relevant media elements you provide. (These might be voice-overs, graphics, text etc.). Our writing here at River Avon Productions will conform to enrich the mood, theme and content of any material the Client provides. There is some truth to the old adage about “keeping it simple”. Music should not dominate your commercial. Rather, it should enhance and complement it. The needs of the Client will always be carefully considered, and it is our desire to provide a final product of excellence that completes and augments your product. The production phase, therefore, is paramount to the overall success of the project.


  • Delivery



Once the music has been written and produced, the Client will receive delivery of the first draft. At this point River Avon Productions will be attentive to any comments/suggestions/tweaks that could further enhance the effectiveness of the product. The Client and David will sit down together to play through the music while considering elements such as mixing (is the sound how the Client wishes it to be?); timing of any special audio or visual ‘events’, and; balance – is the soundtrack balanced and complementary to the visuals, voiceover etc., or will changes need to be made? River Avon Productions will make any necessary edits before providing the Client with the final composition.

If at this point the Client is satisfied, the remaining fee will be paid to River Avon Productions, and the composition will be given to the Client in the highest quality file format possible.

Please contact River Avon Productions at contact@davidchilds.com for more information.